Support to Yacht Managers and Owners

Steller Yachts can support yacht managers and owners at all stages of a yacht’s life, to combine advanced engineering techniques with practical through-life management to maintain in-service vessels and ensure they run safely and efficiently.  Steller Yachts can also provide assurance and oversight for the design and construction of yachts.

Steller Yachts also works closely with yacht management companies at the outset of a concept design, to develop designs that combine style, comfort, efficiency and maintainability.  Steller Yachts can model and analyse hullforms, propulsors and engines at an early stage in order to reduce environmental emissions and obtain maximum efficiency.  Passenger comfort is designed in from the start, rather than being an afterthought.  Furthermore, careful design of the vessel can reduce the maintenance burden, through-life costs and downtime for the vessel.